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TATEH PLAYGROUP: Activities And Components

Tateh PlayGroup is a play-based program designed for children twelve (12) month to four (4) years of age which aims  to  meet the developmental needs of the "whole child" in order to grow emotionally,socially, cognitively, and kinesthetically through structured and active play classes.

Tateh PlayGroup sessions are conducted by an experienced educator with Early Childhood background and require parents or caregiver to participate and involve in all activities and assist the children to explore and develop their skills at their own pace. 

Tateh Playgroup meet up ONCE a week, on Saturday and each class can only accommodate a Maximum of ten (10) childrens per session.

The gathering PLACE are at

 Child friendly place which encompass safe and healthy learning environment.

Tateh PlayGroup: Activities AND Components
Tateh PlayGroup encourages toddlers to learn through structured play activities via exploration, manipulation and discovery. 
A weekly theme provides the backdrop for learning goals and activities that vary from week to week.
The length of each session is one-and-half (1.5) to two (2) hours
Typically, every session involves the following activities : 
1. Structured Learning
including Imaginative Play and Thinking Skills, to provide the child with individual attention in group setting for interpersonal skills and character building 

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2. Music Time

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3. Multi Sensory Learning
for Multi Sensory Development

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4. Physical Play
Balls, Beanbags, Parachute Play, Ribbon Streamer, Bubbles, Slides and Tunnels
to develop self-awareness, muscular strength and coordination and control of the body for Gross Motor Skills.

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5. Circle Time and Fun Time with Phonics
For acquiring languages and social skills

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6. Craft And Messy Play
(Painting, Drawing, Printing, cutting and Sticking, collage and Junk Modelling activities)
to develop their hand eye co-ordination, imagination and develop fine motor skills needed for learning to write at a later stage.

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7. Nature Play and Field Trips
according to the theme of the week

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