Monday, 28 February 2011

Why Playgroup Are Good for Both Parent and Child

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Why playgroups are good for children

Playgroups are great fun! Your young child will get to sing, dance, try new art and craft activities, share experiences, and mix with other young children.
While your child is busy scrabbling in the sandpit or painting a masterpiece, your child will also be picking up valuable new skills and experiences. These include:
  • learning to play with other children 
  • experiencing new play and art opportunities
  • finding out more about the world and other people
  • experiencing books and music
  • improving problem-solving abilities.

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Why playgroups are good for parents

Parents can share a cup of coffee and chat about their experiences while children play. Playgroups are a good opportunity for parents to:
  • make new friends
  • reduce isolation
  • share concerns, ideas and
  • learn from other parents.

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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Children Learn Through Play

We've all heard the maxim "Play is children's work," but what does that actually mean?

A child is primed right from the beginning to grow and to learn. Any baby developing in a healthy way will not need to be taught how to play -- it just comes naturally.

Play Is How Children Explore the World and Find Their Place in It -- And Learn in the Process!

But sometimes we adults think we need to rush a child along. Because we know how important education is, we want our children to learn and so we set out to teach them as much as we can. Although this impulse is good in itself, sometimes we can actually get in the way of a child's learning by trying too hard to teach them!

Play Offers Experiences in Early Math, Language, and Social Skills
We don't need to push children or cram information into their heads. We just need to ensure they have the opportunities to explore knowledge for themselves. We can expose them to a rich environment and then allow them to explore it freely. By playing, a child can take in what she is ready for. She will be less likely to resist learning and will find the excitement of discovering her own place in the world.

so,let the play begin!

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